Universal Net

The Monterey Network Center is a Managed Service Provider offering web development, web commerce services, collocation, and high-speed Internet access to commercial and institutional clients who use the Internet as a critical part of their enterprise activity.

We focus on commercial and wholesale network services and deliver to our clients technical expertise, E-commerce consulting, and unparalleled services for infrastructure, Internet technologies, and collaborative enterprise networking. In addition, we give our clients the highest level of customer service.

Our facility maintains high-reliability access through a fast fiber (OC-12) connection to the Internet backbone, and provides high security for site and equipment hosting – along with a range of worry-free productivity services in support of continuous web commerce.

The Monterey Network Center has offices and points of presence in San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Salinas and Monterey. Our network build-out is hardened and tested to rigorous telephone company networking standards, and has been engineered to scale well ahead of bandwidth demands, assuring our clients the highest quality of service and fastest possible response times.

We offer web-based computer training through MindLeaders (formerly DPEC, Inc.), to meet the training needs of businesses, organizations and home office users.

For our e-commerce customers, Monterey Network Center uses Signio for credit card transactions.